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Welcome to the Folsom Lake College Internship Program and Work Experience (WEXP)

Want To Gain Valuable Work Experience and Earn Units at the Same Time?

Internship Program and Work Experience (WEXP) is a program where students apply what they have learned in the classroom to an internship or job. The Work Experience class helps students learn skills to successfully navigate the 21st century workplace and develop professional work habits. Students working in a paid or unpaid internship, job, or volunteer position, can earn 1- 4 units of transferable credit with a letter grade.

How it Works:

• Find an internship, job, or volunteer opportunity related to your major, career goal, or in a career field you would like to explore.

• Enroll in a Work Experience (WEXP) class.

• Gain marketable skills and knowledge while earning college credit.

• Up to 6 units of Work Experience 498 units (related to major) will transfer as electives into any California State University (CSU) and many private universities.

Your Current job or volunteer position can qualify for credit!!

To learn more about Internships and earning units, navigate through the pages on the left.

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Updated 10/24/14

  • Class schedule now online

    Class schedule now online

    The Spring class schedule is online now! Click on the photo for more info.


    The Falcon's Eye Theatre's fall production will run Nov. 7-23
  • Art Reception

    Art Reception

    FLC will host a community reception for the 7th Annual Disability Awareness Art Exhibition on Nov. 6
  • Speaker Series

    Speaker Series

    George Wheeldon presents on Nov. 19
  • Watch Bera & Ose Debate

    Watch Bera & Ose Debate

    Did you miss the Doug Ose and Ami Bera Debate? Watch it here.
  • Supporting Student Success

    Supporting Student Success

    Folsom Lake College offers a variety of free workshops to help students succeed
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