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    Home >  Academics >  Kent Fisher Gateway >  MGMT 310 - Intro to Public Managment

    MGMT 310 - Introduction to Public Management

    Living in the shadows of the California State Capitol provides a great opportunity for students interested in state and local government to experience, close up, the dynamics of public management. This course focuses on the fundamentals of public management and introduces the student to various fields within public management. It presents the fundamental components of public management including organizational relations and roles, leadership, ethics, fiscal management and policymaking. It also addresses the political, intergovernmental, and external environments in which public managers function.

    Because of Folsom Lake College' proximity to numerous state and county agencies, it is very common to have experienced public managers enrolled in this class seeking to upgrade their education. These students provide a wealth of experience to the other students enrolled in the class. Their firsthand experience in governmental organizations allows them to provide an insider's perspective on employment opportunities, management styles, and legislative effectiveness within these organizations. Additionally, local guest speakers, relevant current events and applicable case studies add to the richness of this course.

    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • Define the various levels, roles and concepts of public management and develop an understanding of how government works.
    • Demonstrate the ability to assess public government issues and evaluate ethical dilemmas in public management.
    • Describe the political, intergovernmental and environmental impacts facing public managers.
    • Distinguish the various federal, state and local fiscal planning cycles and their implications for policy making and program evaluation.
    • Research the key stakeholders of the political process and how they impact the functioning and allocation of resources at the management level.

    Relationship to College Programs:

    • Need/Purpose for the course: To provide students with an introductory course in public management and create a foundation course for a future certificate program in public management. Public management is identified as a high growth sector for local jobs.
    • Degrees and Certificates: Management (A.A. Degree); Public Management (Certificate).
    • Prerequisite To: None

    Relationship to Transfer Institutions:

    California State University transfer


    Spring 2010 - Course Specific Information:

    This is an online course and if you are not already familiar with D2L please visit http://d2lresources.losrios.edu/ to view a tutorial video and learn more about the D2L system.

    To sign on to D2L enter your student ID (beginning with W) and enter your Los Rios password. Then navigate to the desired course under "My Courses"

    Course Orientation:

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010 6:30pm to 8:00pm
    Room: FL2-240 (Computer lab)

    Required Text:

    Public Administration – An Action Orientation, sixth edition; Denhardt & Denhardt

    Course Requirement and Expectations:

    • Class attendance and participation
    • Reading & Research
    • Current Event Articles & Comments
    • Quizzes
    • Term Project
    • Exams
    • Midterm exam
    • Final exam