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Water Management


The following certificate is offered:

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Water Management

Required Program (units)
ENVT 351 Math for Water and Wastewater Operators (3)
ENVT 353 Science for Water and Wastewater Operators (4)
ENVT 354 Waste Water Management: Basic Instrumentation and Electrical Controls (4)
ENVT 355 Introduction to Water, Wastewater and Recycled Water Management (3)
ENVT 358 Water Treatment Operation and Maintenance I (3)
ENVT 359 Water Treatment Operation and Maintenance II (3)
ENVT 360 Water Distribution Operation and Maintenance (3)
CISA 300 Beginning Word Processing (1) or
  CISA 308 Exploring Word Processing and Presentation Software (1)
CISA 310 Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets (1)
BUS 100 English for the Professional (3)
MGMT 308 Personnel and Human Resources Management (3) or
  MGMT 360 Management Communication (3)

This program is designed to meet the competency areas for students interested in entering into the field of Water Management and to enhance the existing abilities of an individual already employed in the field.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:
- Identify regulatory agencies, applicable regulations and permits to apply general concepts for the successful operation of water, wastewater and recycled water systems and facilities.
- Evaluate the general management and operational challenges associated with water, wastewater, and recycled water industries.
- Analyze and perform the role and responsibilities of a treatment plant operator.
- Demonstrate an understanding of the prevention of pollution, types of waste, discharges and the types and effects of solids in wastewater by applying the responsibilities in industry lab settings required in the certificate program.
- Examine the actual collection of wastewater, and operations and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities processes through periodic visitations/field trips to industry facilities.
- Research and report on the prevention of pollution, types of waste and the need for different types of disinfection.
- Calculate basic wastewater math calculations and conversions, troubleshoot various electrical circuits, and apply a basic understanding of control circuits, circuit interpretation and the theories related to electrical phenomenon.
- Research and report on the prevention of pollution, types of waste and the need for different types of disinfection.
- Apply personal safety practices which demonstrate an understanding of personal safety practices in the water, wastewater and recycled water industries.
- Seek employment in the water and wastewater industries in the region.
- Describe and use various methods of sampling and analysis for water treatment.

For course information on those required for this certificate, please see Environmental Technology (ENVT), Computer Information Science (CIS), Business (BUS), and Management (MGMT) pages in this catalog.

Updated 6/12/14

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