• 10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary

    FLC announces open house celebration on Sat., Oct. 11 from 11am-3pm
  • Constitution Day

    Constitution Day

    On Sept. 17, 2013, FLC will acknowledge and celebrate the United States Constitution
  • Speaker Series

    Speaker Series

    A variety of experts will speak at FLC this Fall
  • Live Debate

    Live Debate

    Congressional candidates Bera, Ose agree to debate on Oct. 8
  • Health and Wellness Day

    Health and Wellness Day

    Health and Wellness Day is October 1 at Folsom Lake College
  • Transfer Day

    Transfer Day

    FLC's Annual Transfer Day on Mon., Oct. 6 features a wide variety of 4-year universities
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Class schedules now online

March 24, 2014

Plan your class schedule now!

Plan your class schedule now!

The Summer and Fall 2014 class schedules are now online!

Please note the following important registration dates:

Starting April 1 - Continuing students can submit their supplemental form online at eServices.

Starting April 10 - Check eServices to view your upcoming Priority registration appointment date.

April 21-24 - Priority 0 registration for students eligible for DSPS, EOP&S, CalWORKs, foster youth, former foster youth, any member or former member of the Armed Forces of the United States, and any member or former member of the State Military Reserve (new students must complete pre-enrollment steps).

April 23 - Last day to meet with a counselor for Priority 0.5 enrollment eligibility certification. Last day to complete eligibility/enrollment steps and meet with athletic counselor for Priority 0.75 enrollment for student athletes.

April 25 - Priority 0.5 registration for continuing students who have completed a minimum of 12 units in LRCCD who will graduate or transfer to a baccalaureate college/university after the Fall 2014 semester; students must meet with a counselor by April 23 to verify transfer/degree readiness and submit appropriate form (one-time-only option). Priority 0.75 registration for student athletes; students must be included on Sport Team Roster form by coach, have completed eligibility requirements, and met with athletic counselor for comprehensive education plan by April 23.

April 28-May 9 - Priority 1 registration for continuing students- must submit supplemental form. Priority 1 registration for new, matriculated students (1st time to college); students must have completed assessment, orientation, and education plan by April 1 in order to qualify for Priority 1.

May 12-14 - Priority 2 registration for new to college, new transfer, returning, and returning transfer students; must apply and complete pre-enrollment steps.

May 15-16 - Priority 3 registration for Advanced Education students (in-person registration only); must apply and complete pre-enrollment steps.

May 19 - Open registration by appointment (continuing students).

Starting May 20 - Open registration for all students; must apply and complete pre-enrollment steps.

August 23 - Instruction begins - Saturday and online classes.

August 25-29 - Most Fall classes have their first session.