HarrisCenter for the Arts Three Stages

Harris Center
for the Arts

Three Stages

  • Textbook Scholarships

    Textbook Scholarships

    Scholarship drawing for $250 towards your textbooks- deadline to enter is Aug. 12
  • Rancho Cordova Center

    Rancho Cordova Center

    Folsom Lake College ramps up for opening of new site
  • Register Now for Fall

    Register Now for Fall

    Open registration is underway. Fall semester starts week of Aug. 22.
  • Looking for open classes?

    Looking for open classes?

    Fall classes are available! Semester starts Aug. 22. Click on the photo for info.
  • Community Observatory Invites You

    Community Observatory Invites You

    See the stars at the Community Observatory behind the El Dorado Center!
  • Classified of the Year

    Classified of the Year

    FLC's Rochelle Franco given statewide honor by Board of Governors
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"Folsom Lake College was a relaunch for me. I changed my major and am changing my occupation."

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Folsom Lake College Foundation

Foundation logo

THE FOLSOM LAKE COLLEGE FOUNDATION (FLCF) was established to promote the image of Folsom Lake College and to provide financial and advisory support to the institution. In cooperation with the Los Rios Foundation, the FLCF actively promotes awareness of Folsom Lake College, El Dorado Center, Rancho Cordova Center and the Harris Center for the Arts.

The 29-member Board of Directors represents a cross-section of the communities served by Folsom Lake College, and a variety of industries and areas of expertise. The FLCF volunteer board is a fundraising body that focuses in several areas for resource development which include the following:

• Academics: Get Involved!

At Folsom Lake College, our students are the center of everything we do. Because of our open admissions policy, we are the first chance for some, a second chance for many, and for others, perhaps the only chance to reach their educational goals - at a fraction of the cost of other colleges and universities. Our mission is to enrich and empower students by providing them with the programs, support services, and opportunities they need to be successful. We are committed to changing lives. When you support the FLCF, you enable students and staff to focus on achieving results rather than worrying about unmet needs and resources. Visit here to see the ways in which you can support Academics at FLC!

• Athletics: A Win for Student Success!

Student athletes perform better academically than the general student population. Community college athletics help build important life and job skills, including critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, professionalism and work ethic, communications, leadership, and self-direction. The college athletics program is a vital part of the college's instructional and student support programs. Every contribution - every investment to the athletics program - will enable the college to enhance and maintain the athletics program at a time when state resources do not cover the full cost of operations. Click here to become a Falcon today!

• Arts: Invest in the Arts!

There is a hard truth in the arts: ticket revenues alone can never cover the costs of providing a visual and performing arts center to the region. This cultural resource depends on the generosity of the few. Click here to explore the ways in which you can support the Arts, right in your own backyard!

For more information about the Foundation, contact us at (916) 608-6643.