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    Textbook Scholarships

    Scholarship drawing for $250 towards your textbooks- deadline to enter is Aug. 12
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    Rancho Cordova Center

    Folsom Lake College ramps up for opening of new site
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    Register Now for Fall

    Open registration is underway. Fall semester starts week of Aug. 22.
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    Looking for open classes?

    Fall classes are available! Semester starts Aug. 22. Click on the photo for info.
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    Community Observatory Invites You

    See the stars at the Community Observatory behind the El Dorado Center!
  • Classified of the Year

    Classified of the Year

    FLC's Rochelle Franco given statewide honor by Board of Governors
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Spring 2015 Courses

ACCT 311 Managerial Accounting (Live)
Class Syllabus (pdf)
Instructor: Paul Skelly
Day: MW
Time: 5:30 pm -- 7:35 pm
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC

ANTH 300 Physical Anthropology (Live)
Instructor: Erica Tyler
Day: TTH
Time: 10:30 am -- 11:50 am
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC

ASTR 300 Introduction to Astronomy (Live)
Instructor: Bob Laurent
Day: MW
Time: 2:30 pm -- 3:50 pm
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC, Amador

BUS 330 Managing Diversity in the Workplace (Live)
Class Syllabus (pdf)
Instructor: Bernard Gibson
Time: 3:15 pm -- 6:20 pm
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC
This is a hybrid class so the schedule is different from traditional classes. Please contact the instructor for clarity.

GEOG 306 Weather and Climate (Live)
Instructor: Tom Krabacher
Day: F

Time: 9:30 am -- 12:35 pm
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC

MKT 300 Principles of Marketing (Live)
Class Syllabus (pdf)
Instructor: Bernard Gibson
Day: Th

Time: 5:30 pm -- 8:35 pm
Locations: FLC, EDC, RCC