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Julie Collier
Professor of Work Experience and Internships

“Career development isn’t something people do once in their lives and that’s it. It can and should be cyclical throughout one’s lifetime.”

Julie Collier

What advice would you give to a new college student?

Don't try to plan your entire life. Allow for unplanned opportunities to guide you a little. This happens by getting involved in on-campus and off-campus activities:  joining student organizations, finding jobs and internships, getting to know your professors, volunteering, and finding work that needs doing in a world with so many underfunded organizations that need your time and talent more than ever. 

What's the favorite part of your job?

I have two favorite parts: First, meeting with students who are so motivated and hopeful in their quest to get work experience and start their career that they inspire me and secondly, networking with employers who are on-board with creating opportunities for these students. I've had the good fortune of working with several local professionals from companies like SMUD, Intel and Vanir Construction Management who want to come on campus and mentor students with no other motive other than to outreach to their community and give back.

What was your proudest moment working with students?

At Sac State I worked with members of the student chapter of the Power Engineering Society. Over the course of four years, their officers sought me out as a resource in planning their industry panels. These students were so committed to serving their peers, so good at networking, reaching out to faculty and staff, and always created exciting career events. I nominated them for a leadership award sponsored by the Student Organizations and Leadership office and they won. I was really proud of them-their level of commitment, hard work and service to their peers and the university. 

What are some of the new features/services being offered in your department this semester?

Officially called the Career and Transfer Services Center, this space will serve students in the following ways:

  • Serve as a central hub for career development, work experience and transfer services
  • Provide assistance, resources and workshops for students engaged in self-exploration, researching careers or academic programs, or searching/applying for jobs and internships
  • House the Work Experience and Internship Program
  • House college transfer representatives from UC, CSU and private campuses
  • House workforce development professionals from Sacramento Works

Our new Facebook page and the Los Rios Internship & Careers (LINCS) website will list upcoming events. We'll be offering workshops on career decision making, interest assessment, finding your ideal internship, and job search techniques. In spring we hope to host a volunteer and internship fair here on campus.

Did you have access to such a center when you were going to school? What do you think are the most-helpful features of FLC's center?

As an undergraduate I did have access to a campus career center. I remember asking to do an interest assessment and they had me sit at a computer and answer a bunch of questions. I don't remember getting to meet with a real person who could help talk me through the results of that assessment. Later I found the counseling office and they offered career counseling. That experience was so much more valuable. I think a career center is only effective if there are real people available to guide students and help them in the self-exploration and research process.

Is the center a true all-ages facility that has something to offer every level of student?

Yes. Career development isn't something people do once in their lives and that's it. It can and should be cyclical throughout one's lifetime. Due to rapid changes in technology and the way organizations operate in today's marketplace, it's been said today's workers will experience between seven and eleven job changes over their lifetime. A viable occupation today could be obsolete in a decade so individuals need to be flexible and open to change. The FLC Career and Transfer Services Center is in its infancy, but it will have to be dynamic in the way it serves its student population, offering the latest career resources, advice and industry information.  

Julie earned her master's degree in counseling at Sacramento State University.

Julie Collier
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