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Colin Asheley
Current FLC student majoring in Psychology

"FLC showed me exactly what I needed to do to transfer to the desired colleges I wanted to attend and how to get there."

Colin Asheley

When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?

After graduating Granite Bay High School in 2008, my mother and I moved up to Cameron Park. Folsom Lake College was the closest college around, so I decided it would be best to take classes there. I started in the fall of 2008 and loved it ever since.

What was your major?

At first I was unsure of what to major in, but I knew it was going to be in medicine. During my second semester of school I took a psychology class with Professor Snow; I instantly found my passion for psychology. In the fall of 2009, I took biopsychology with Dr. Fannon and finally decided on my major, biopsychology.

Why did you choose FLC?

I chose to go to Folsom Lake College because it was the best choice, economically speaking. Another deciding factor was the location of the college, on top of a hill, which had a wonderful view of the surrounding environment and that FLC is a brand new college with great resources.

What was the best part of your experience with FLC?

I never had one great experience, but many great experiences. I enjoyed meeting new colleagues inside and outside the classroom. I loved working with the Student Services and Outreach Department. They have given me many insightful experiences that have allowed me to grow professionally and personally.

What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished at FLC?

I am most particularly proud of the experiences and knowledge I have gained since coming to FLC in fall 2008. I have received great education from my teachers, especially in psychology. After taking psychology courses at FLC, I learned what field I want to join in the future: neuroscience.

How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?

Folsom Lake College has considerably contributed to my success in college. The classes I have taken have been able to focus my skills as a student. FLC showed me exactly what I needed to do to transfer to the desired colleges I wanted to attend and how to get there.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I am finishing up my general education to transfer to a college with biopsychology. I am also working on the Student Ambassador Program which will open up new opportunities for FLC students.

Colin Asheley
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