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Joshua Tucker
Transferred to CSU Sacramento in 2011

"FLC's ethical and academic platform taught me three important character traits: discipline, responsibility, and drive."

Joshua Tucker

When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?

I started taking classes at Folsom Lake College in the fall of 2008, which was my first semester of junior year in high school. I was home schooled my entire life until college so attending Folsom Lake College was the first experience of school outside my home or in the online environment.

What was your major?

I took the general education route so I could transfer to Sacramento State University and finish out my college career with a degree in Business with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose FLC?

I chose FLC for a couple of reasons. First, both the El Dorado Center and the Folsom campuses are within fifteen minutes of my house, so convenience was the main factor. Also, the academic communal aspect that FLC promotes allowed me to continue my education within my community and still have the ability to spend time with my friends and family. Both of these factors convinced me that FLC would be the wise choice when it came to continuing my education in the community I reside in. The homey, familiar environment promotes an atmosphere for students to flourish in their area of expertise while engaging with other like-minded students. Because the community college environment is generally smaller than most colleges and universities, I was drawn to the opportunity to have a more personal connection with my teachers as well as the students on campus.

What was the best part of your experience with FLC?

Although there are many parts of the FLC experience that I could call "the best," I believe that the most important part for me specifically is the relationships I built with teachers and other students on campus. Whether a teacher or another student, they all impacted my educational career for the better. Their insight and interest in me as a student and as an individual gave me confidence to continue the route I am now taking. They challenged me to reach for greater academic heights and taught me principles to help me continue learning even outside of college or school. Most importantly, they molded me to question knowledge and pursue the truth. To engage intellectually whenever possible and in any discussion, seek the truth.

What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished with FLC?

All of my instructors at FLC had a strong passion for their field and the students they students. I'm proud to say that their dedication to the classroom experience allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge of whatever subject I was studying. In particular, Professor Gibson showed great interest in me as a student and as an emerging entrepreneur. His philosophy on learning stresses that practical application of knowledge is truly the only way to demonstrate your understanding of the material. As a result, his curriculum focused around classroom interaction and assignments that challenged students to apply their "book knowledge" in a practical way. Because of these, I gained a stronger understanding of the business and marketing principles along with how the real business world operates.

How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?

Folsom Lake College's ethical and academic platform taught me three important character traits: discipline, responsibility, and drive. All of these traits are not easy to obtain and are only built through experience and constant support from the people around you. The rigor from the teachers helped me build discipline in my work, while responsibility came into play when I had to become a better time manager. And when it comes to drive, you can only achieve what you desire by taking the pathway to your goal step by step. My experience at Folsom Lake College proved beneficial and crucial to my educational success in school and the continued learning I will experience outside of it. College is important because the true aim is to teach others how to learn so that they can utilize their critical thinking skills out in the real world. After learning how to learn, you can take that knowledge and have the ability to truly reach the stars. Learning doesn't stop in school, it only continues if you choose to pursue it.

What are you doing now?

I'm currently at Sacramento State University continuing my undergraduate degree. My official major is Business Administration however I aim to focus specifically in Marketing and Entrepreneurship as mentioned above.

Much of my time outside of school is spent designing user interfaces for iOS applications. My love for Photoshop and Illustrator, along with creating interfaces and how the user experiences them, is a relatively new part of my life. My area of expertise is the jailbreak community, so all of my concepts and applications I have created are available or soon-to-be available for users who have jailbroken their iOS devices. My first project, CallBar, which is available in the Cydia App Store, recently passed 15,000 downloads, a threshold few developers hit. My work in this field has given me many opportunities to meet like-minded people and developers all while traveling to different parts of California. Furthermore, my work gained me an invite to speak at the world's first jailbreaking convention that is being held in San Francisco this upcoming September.

I'm also currently an intern at Green Valley Community Church in the Creative Arts department. My role deals with children from kindergarten to fifth grade and my work entails volunteer management, lesson planning, and other creative aspects pertaining to children.

In relation to writing, I have written for websites on Apple news and technology since the beginning of last year. Although I am not writing for any websites specifically at the moment, I have written for sites such as ModMyi, Engadget, and soon The Next Web. I do also have a personal blog where I post about concepts I'm currently designing.

What are your plans for the future?

In conjunction with school, I'm looking for more internship and job opportunities so that I can begin to build up experience and real-world expertise in the business world. I recently applied for an internship at Apple and have been waiting for a response. This job opportunity would be a dream come true and a great way to continue to grow my skills as an entrepreneur and a UI/UX designer.

Depending on the job market after earning my bachelor's degree, I may decide to join the work force right out of college or I may return to school and earn my graduate degree. Either way, my aim is to complete graduate school at some point. Whichever route I take, I look to take on a few business ventures and implement some of the product and business ideas that I have in the coming future.

Joshua Tucker
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