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Michelina Petri
2008 Graduate; Degrees in General Education Transfer & Science

"The computer, chemistry, and biology labs have up to date equipment and were very helpful in learning the material."

Michelina Petri

When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?

Directly out of high school in Fall 2005.

What was your major?

Started out with a goal to get General Transfer AA, but ended up receiving both a General Transfer AA and General Science AS.

Why did you choose FLC?

The main reason I chose FLC was the fact that it was an affordable community college which meant that I could move out on my own, get a job, and still be able to go to school. Once I invested a bit more time into researching the school I realized that they were making a lot of changes and expanding significantly. The computer, chemistry, and biology labs have up to date equipment and were very helpful in learning the material.

What was the best part of your experience with FLC?

FLC gave me the opportunity to be part of smaller classes in which I was able to get to know the professors. I had many wonderful and knowledgeable professors but there is one professor in particular that made FLC a great experience. Dr. Shawn Reese was my professor for organic chemistry. This was a subject that effectively intimidated me. However, Dr. Reese created a great learning environment, taught the subject in a manner that made it interesting and logical, and I walked away with a better understanding of how the world I live in relies on chemical engineering.

What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished with FLC?

I am particularly proud that I graduated with a couple associates degrees and there is no one that can take that educational foundation away from me.

How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?

FLC definitely prepared me for my next step in my educational career. I use what I was taught in my English, communication, and nutrition courses in my daily life. Much of the information I acquired from my chemistry courses has been very useful in my science classes at the University. One lesson I did not expect to take away from FLC was the understanding of where and how to find quality information while researching for a class. The library staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it came time to write that research paper or prepare a speech.

What are you doing now?

Today I am a senior at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. My major is Biology and minor is Biomedical Science. I am currently applying for Veterinary School.

Michelina Petri
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