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Moyo Gbadamosi
Current FLC Student majoring in Business

"FLC is a safe environment that I can trust."

Moyo Gbadamosi

When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?

I started taking classes at Folsom Lake College in the fall of 2013. I attended Sacramento Waldorf School prior to attending FLC.

What is your major?

I am currently majoring in Business; with a concentration in Global Business.

Why did you choose FLC?

I chose FLC because it is close to where I live, it is in the city that I grew up in, and it is a safe environment that I can trust. The faculty and staff here are just phenomenal, as long as you take initiative to ask for help they will take time to answer your questions and offer guidance. A specific faculty member that I would like to recognize is Professor Candy Smith, she taught Microeconomics which is a very tough subject for me; she spent time to make sure that I understood the topics, and told me as long as I show that I care, she is willing to help. She inspired me to get involved with my education and I am now a part of the Business Club which she advises.

What was the best part of your experience with FLC?

My best experience at FLC was being able to build great connections with my professors and meet many new friends. One of the best experiences that I had at FLC was being a part of the Folsom Lake College's Inaugural Tennis team. My coach, Ashlee Ashba, was an inspirational mentor; she always focused on the positive and encouraged team members to do their very best!

What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished at FLC?

I am proud of the fact that I am preparing for transfer to a 4 year university and I am nearly half way there! I have completed almost all of the lower division requirements in order to attend St. Mary's College. FLC provided the building blocks that helped me become a matured student, who has developed a plan, and is following through with it. I have to give a shout out to the Counseling Staff at FLC who helped me in so many ways; selecting the right classes, finding a college that best suits my interests and making sure I stay on track.

How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?

Not only did I get a great education by taking the classes I need for General Education and Transfer, but, I also got involved with internships and work experience. If students want to get the most out of their education they need to go beyond the classroom and look for opportunities that will help build strong resume. At Folsom Lake I got to know the work experience instructor, Julie Collier, she helped land an internship at the Sacramento Center for International Trade and Development. I am also an employee at the college in the Office of Outreach and Recruitment. I work with new students to help them reach their educational goals.

What are your future goals when you graduate from FLC?

My goal is to transfer to St. Mary's college which is in Moraga, California and Major in Business with a concentration in Global Business; I plan on transferring in the fall of 2015 and become an investment banker or a venture capitalist. I am glad that I spent the first two years at FLC in order to prepare for transfer, it has been a valuable learning experience and I have gained a lot of insight about my future endeavors.

Moyo Gbadamosi
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