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Nav Badesha
Current FLC Student majoring in Biological Science

"Professors I have had the opportunity to work with here are extremely fascinating people and they have made my educational experience one exciting ride!"

Nav Badesha

When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?

I graduated from Folsom High School in May of 2008 and started my educational journey at Folsom Lake College in August 2008.

What is your major?

I came to FLC as a free-lance student and was undecided as far as a major (as most students are when they are first graduate from high school). In my third semester, I became familiar with the science department at FLC as I took a chemistry class as one of my general education requirements. My first chemistry class was with Dr. Christa Oberth, she is an awesome professor and she really brought out the best in me and my interest in the Sciences. It was then that I decided to major in Biological Science.

Why did you choose FLC?

I currently reside in Folsom, California so it is very convenient for me to attend Folsom Lake College. Attending a community college before transferring has opened up more opportunities for me and has guaranteed me admission at UC's/State schools that would have been impossible to get into coming out of high school. I also chose Folsom because of the new campus and the great technology available to me.

What was the best part of your experience with FLC?

The best experience I have had at Folsom Lake College would be getting to know some of my professors on a personal level. The majority of professors here are very passionate about their fields, and the gifted ones have a way of bringing the best out of their students. Getting to know my professors and growing from their knowledge has made me a well-rounded person. All the doctorate level professors I have had the opportunity to work with here are extremely fascinating people and they have made my educational experience one exciting ride!

What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished at FLC?

I'm proud of becoming a more accomplished person as I strive to better my mind, body, and soul every day. I have learned about time management, work ethic, and self-discipline so I have improved as a person by being a student here. Also, the staff at FLC has helped me grow into a mature adult by empowering me to be responsible for my education; I have found a love for knowledge I never knew was possible.

How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?

I truly believe the professors and the educational experience at FLC have prepared me for my future. My goal is to transfer to UC Davis after completing the prerequisites for optometry school. I will be taking my Optometry Admissions Test once I complete my requirements at FLC and will compete with the best of them in order to insure my spot in optometry school one day.

What are you doing now?

I am also a Student Ambassador which will open up new opportunities for me in a leadership position and will help me as I transfer to UC Davis. I look forward to guiding students from every background and help them make their experience at Folsom Lake College a successful one! I want to bring out the best in everyone I work with and give them helpful advice. I am lucky to be provided with extra-curricular experiences that will enrich my life as I learn and grow from these new experiences.

Nav Badesha
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