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Access to Student Records by Parents

When your child was in elementary and high school, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) gave you and your child rights to access and control your child's educational records.  Now that your child is in college, these same laws transfer access of the records directly to your son or daughter.

While parents understandably have an interest in their child's academic progress, they are not automatically granted access to a student's records without written consent of the student.  Parents are encouraged to consult with the student if academic information is needed.  Your child may give permission for a third party to access his/her records by filing a Student Consent for Release of Records form.

If you claim your son or daughter as a dependent on your federal tax forms, however, you are allowed to view some elements of your child's education record such as class schedule and grades.  You must complete and submit the Parental Affidavit for Academic Information form.  If your son or daughter is NOT listed as a dependent, the only way you can receive this type of information directly from FLC is if your child completes the Student Consent for Release of Records form and requests that specified information be available to you.

Questions about Access to Student Records:

What is FERPA?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also sometimes referred to as the Buckley Amendment), is a federal law regarding the privacy of student education records and the obligations of the institution, primarily in the areas of release of the records and the access provided to these records.  Any educational institution that receives funds under any program administered by the U.S. Secretary of Education is bound by FERPA regulations.  If non-directory information is needed to resolve a crisis or emergency situation, an education institution may release that information if the institutions determines that the information is "necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals".

How can I get a copy of my student's grades?
The quickest, easiest way for you to receive information about your child's grades, fee information, or other student information is for him/her to provide it to you.  Students can look information up online (on Los Rios eServices), print it off, and give or email a copy to their parents.

If I'm paying for my child's education, why can't I get a copy of his records?
FERPA requires that access to a college student's records must be granted by approval of the student.  You can, however, view information about your child if you submit proof that he/she is a dependent.  Proof is considered to be a copy of the most recent year's federal tax form showing that you claim your child as a dependent.  The Parental Affidavit for Academic Information form must also be completed and submitted.

How do I get copies of the release forms giving me access to grades and financial information?
Print, complete and mail the Parental Affidavit for Academic Information form.  Your son/daughter can also obtain a copy of this form in the Admissions & Records office.

My student signed a release form.  Can you email a copy of her transcript?
As a matter of policy, the college does not release private information over the phone or by email.

My student signed the form.  Why didn't I receive a copy of his grades for the fall semester?
The college doesn't automatically send information to third parties designated by the student.  The Student Consent and the Parental Affidavit forms are for individual requests and do not carry forward into the future.

Will I be contacted if my student is sick or hurt? What if my child is in academic trouble, or facing disciplinary action?
In most cases, the college will not contact you or provide medical, academic, or disciplinary information without your child's permission.  As a general guideline, if your child is able to communicate about the situation, it is up to him/her to decide whether and how to discuss the issues.

Where can I find out more about FERPA?
The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for overseeing FERPA.  See the Department's website for additional information at http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/.