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Graduate Information Session - Information


April 25: Deadline to sign up to walk in ceremony (and be guaranteed guest tickets for Stage 1) 

May 6 to 10: Window 1 - Initial ticket orders for Stage One (pick up in FLC Welcome & Student Success Center, Aspen Hall FL1) 

May 14 to 17: Window 2 - Release of extra/overflow tickets (pick up in FLC Welcome & Student Success Center after email notification)

May 20 to 22 : Week of commencement ceremony - If your plans have changed and you will not be using all of your guest tickets, please return them to the Harris Center Ticket Office so other graduates may have extra tickets.  The Ticket Office will be open Monday & Tuesday, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm, and Wednesday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm for ticket return.  At 5:00 pm May 22 , the Ticket Office will distribute additional guest tickets.

May 22, 2019
4:45 to 5:45 pm:  Check-in for graduates inside Harris Center - Dressing Room B (entrance is through Black Box double glass doors, Harris Center, north side of building) 
6:00 to 6:30 pm: Mandatory Graduate Information Session in room 1270 (Black Box)
6:30 pm: Ceremony

  1. Check-in between 4:45 to 5:45 pm at the Harris Center for the Arts, room 1270 (entrance is outside on the north side, in Dressing Room B - there will be signage). You will receive your announcement card. You will hand this card to the reader as you step on stage. The reader MUST have this card to call your name as you cross the stage to be honored as a graduate.  This card is also your match card for the commencement photographer - Ultimate Exposures.
  2. You must be in Room 1270 at 6:00 pm for the Graduate Information Session prior to the ceremony.
  3. Graduates should be in their cap, gown and tassel (purchased from the FLC College Store). Extra caps, gowns and tassels will NOT be available at the ceremony.
  4. Graduates will begin walking at 6:30 pm SHARP.
  5. You will be led to the graduate seating area in front of the stage. As soon as you are at your seat, sit down.
  6. At the appropriate time in the ceremony, President Kirklin will present the graduating class to the Los Rios Board members. At this time all graduates will be asked to stand. The monitors will indicate to the front rows when to proceed onto the stage. The first row should remain standing but other rows should sit down. As the last graduates leave the row in front, the next row should stand in unison. Graduates will approach the stage from the right side.
  7.  You will hand your announcer card to the reader and as your name is read, proceed to the board member who will hand you a diploma cover and congratulate you. You will receive the diploma cover in your left hand, and shake hands with your right. Do not bring any items, other than your card, to the stage. Be sure your tassel is on the right side of the mortarboard. You will then exit the stage via the other side ramp where members of the platform party will greet you. The photographer from Ultimate Exposures will take your picture as you leave the stage.  Proceed down the aisle back to your seat.
  8. You are to sit down once you return from the stage. This allows spectators to see others receive their diploma covers.
  9. After all graduates have received their diploma cover, the FLC graduating class will be presented and tassels moved from right to left.
  10. Upon completion of the ceremony, graduates and faculty will be asked to stand for the Recessional which will take place as follows:
    1. Stage dignitaries will exit first
    2. Faculty exit second
    3. Graduates exit third, starting with the graduates in the front row
  11. All graduates must exit from the Main Stage area. Please do not stop until all graduates have left the seating area.
  12. Only the graduate may participate in the procession and occupy a seat in the reserved area for graduates. Please make the necessary family/child care arrangements prior to the ceremony.


  • Summer and Fall 2018 graduates - Diplomas have already been distributed to all 2018 graduates. You will receive a diploma cover when your name is read and you cross the stage at the ceremony.  Diploma covers are only given to graduates who participate in the ceremony.
  • Spring 2019 degree candidates - You will not receive your diploma at the commencement ceremony. You will, however, receive a diploma cover. After grades for the spring 2019 semester have been posted in early June, the evaluations department will begin conducting final evaluations, followed by the posting of the degree on the transcript and ordering of diplomas. This is a lengthy process with many petitions to evaluate. Degree posting will occur by the start of August and your diploma will be printed by mid to late September. Please be sure to notify the Evaluations department at FLC of any change of address.

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