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Graduation/Commencement Information


The college does not automatically confer degrees or certificates because eligibility requirements vary. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor during their studies at FLC to ensure that they're taking courses that will meet degree and certificate requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to file a Petition for Degree or Certificate with a counselor by the deadline date as follows (please see current catalog for exact date each semester):

Fall semester: 1st Friday of October
Spring semester: 1st Friday of March
Summer term: 3rd Friday of June

The Process:

  1. Call the Counseling office at (916) 608-6510 for a one-hour appointment. Do not wait until the last minute to do this since counseling appointments fill quickly.
  2. The following must be on file in the A&R office prior to your counseling appointment in order for your petition to be processed:

a. Official transcripts of all coursework completed at other colleges (non Los Rios)

b. Official copies of AP test scores, if applicable.

c. Copy of DD214-military discharge papers, if veteran desires credit for Military Units.

d. List of courses in progress if attending another college. Official final transcripts will be required at the end of the semester for final evaluation of degree/certificate.

e. Copy of any required competency tests, if applicable.

f. To qualify for the degree during the semester of application, all requirements must be completed during the semester when the student applied for the degree.

  1. Be patient! You should allow up to three months from the end of the semester or term before you receive your diploma or certificate. As evaluators discover any problems or issues, they will notify affected students. Why so long you may ask? There are many factors. The evaluators receive hundreds of petitions. The staff must wait for final grades to be submitted by instructors, review the petitions and completed coursework for accuracy, post the degree and certificate information to students' records, and then order the diplomas and certificates. Keep in mind that all of this work happens typically during peak registration periods.

Students are only notified in writing if the petition CANNOT be approved. All approved petitions will be fully evaluated after final grades have been posted (after the semester is over). If the petition is denied, students will be required to contact their counselor to resubmit the degree petition if requirements are not met.

When To Expect the Diploma/Certificate:
Diplomas and certificates are mailed approximately THREE months after the end of the semester.

If you need proof of your graduation date or major prior to receiving your diploma in the mail, please order an official transcript and indicate "to be held for posting of degree". Diplomas will be mailed to the address written on the degree petition.

Items printed on the diploma are: Name (as written on the degree petition), Major/Degree concentration.
Items not printed on the diploma are: Honors and Phi Theta Kappa designations.

Honors Designation:

  • SUMMER AND FALL DEGREES – Highest honors and honors designations are based on the cumulative GPA through the respective term in which the degree is awarded.
  • SPRING DEGREES – Highest honors and honors designations are based on the cumulative GPA through the FALL semester of the academic year in which the degree is awarded (it will NOT include spring coursework or grades).

Change of Name or Address:
If you change your address during this time, make sure to notify Evaluations directly since your petition information is maintained on a separate database. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Evaluations Department in writing if the name or address is changed. This will ensure proper delivery of the diploma.

Students that are Prospective Graduates:
Receiving a response to a degree or certificate petition is not a confirmation of the award. Awards are confirmed or denied after final evaluations have been completed. This is done AFTER final grades are posted after every semester. Spring degree candidates are prospective at the time they walk in the commencement ceremony. Final evaluations are not completed until well after the ceremony in May.

Possible Reasons for Denial of Degree Petition:
The student did not:

  • Complete a minimum of 60 units for an Associates Degree
  • Complete the competency requirements
  • Make up Incomplete from past semester
  • Have 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Submit official copy of transcripts from other institution(s)
  • Complete required courses for major
  • Complete 12 units in residency at FLC

Catalog Rights and Graduation Requirements
For purposes of graduation from any of the colleges in the Los Rios District, students remaining in attendance in one session (quarter, semester or summer session) at any California community college, or any combination of California community colleges, campuses of the California State University, the University of California, or any regionally accredited institution of higher education, may elect to meet the requirements in effect at the Los Rios college from which the student intends to graduate as follows:

  1. Requirements in effect at the time of admission to a Los Rios college, or;
  2. Requirements in effect at the time the student originally enrolled in an accredited college, or;
  3. Requirements in effect at the intended date of graduation from a Los Rios college.

For purposes of this section, "attendance" means attendance in at least one session (quarter, semester or summer session) in each calendar year.


One of the final and most exciting steps a student takes at Folsom Lake College is graduating! Folsom Lake College holds one commencement ceremony every academic year - on the last day of the spring semester. Students who earn degrees during the summer and fall are encouraged to attend the ceremony the following spring (along with degree candidates from that spring semester).


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