• Fall Classes Start Soon

    Fall Classes Start Soon

    Still time to enroll! Classes start the week of Aug. 19-25
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    Looking for open classes?

    Fall classes are available! Semester starts week of Aug. 19. Click on the photo for info.
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    Gear Up for Fall!

    The semester starts Aug. 19-25. Click on the photo for helpful tips to prepare!
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    New FLC President

    Whitney Yamamura is third president in FLC history, starts July 24
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    Parking Changes

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Registration information

Log on to eServices to:
- Add or drop classes
- View your priority registration appointment date
- Check your fees/make payment
- View and print your class schedule
- Check your grades
- Plus, many other functions

For eServices Password Hints - click here
For eServices Basic Instructions - click here
For Guidelines and Tips when You're Waitlisted for a Class - click here
For tips on how to succeed in Online Courses - click here
For a VIDEO with tips on the Registration process (including screen shots of eServices) - click here

District Registration Dates


April 24-27, 2017
Priority 0 - eligible foster youth or former foster youth; students eligible for CalWORKs, DSPS and EOPS; member or former member of the Armed Forces or Military Reserves.

April 28, 2017
Priority .5 - eligible continuing students graduating or tranferring at the end of the semester of registration (must meet with counselor for approval)
Priority .75 - eligible student athletes (must be approved by team coach)

May 1-12, 2017
Priority 1 - eligible students continuing from the prior semester and new, matriculated students based on the number of units completed
     1.1 - 50-89 Los Rios units completed
     1.2 - 30-49 Los Rios units completed
     1.3 - 12-29 Los Rios units completed
     1.4 - Less than 12 Los Rios units completed and New Matriculated

May 15-17, 2017
Priority 2 - New to college, new transfer, returning students

May 18-19, 2017
Priority 3 - Advanced education students

May 22, 2017
Open enrollment by appointment (students who have lost priority registration due to 90+ units completed or on probation/dismissal 

May 23, 2017
Start of open enrollment

Within Priority Registration periods, students are randomly assigned a day and time that is their Priority Registration Appointment.  This is not an in-person appointment (in fact, some appointments times are when our office is closed).  It is your first opportunity to register for classes - either online via eServices or in the A&R Office. Once a Priority Registration date has passed, a students may register anytime after that date.  For more detailed information about Priority Registration and exact dates for a particular semester, please call the Admissions & Records office at (916) 608-6500.

Adding Classes
Prior to the start of the semester, you may add classes online using eServices or in person at the A&R office.  Students can add classes during priority and open registration – if there is room in the class. 

As a class fills, a wait list will become available (with room for 5-20 students).  Although wait listed students get first consideration for available seats in classes, it is still possible for other students to try to add classes once classes begin.  If there is space available in the class, the instructor will give out a Permission Number.  Students can then add the class online using this Permission Number and the class number.  The Permission Number will be valid for the first two weeks of a full-semester class.  If you were on the wait list, make sure to drop yourself from the wait list first -- then add the class with the permission number.

Late adds – After the semester has started, students can no longer be added to a wait list.  In addition, the nightly process which automatically adds students from the wait list to the roster no longer runs.  After the start of a semester or term, a permission number is required in order to add.  After enrollment deadlines pass, students must petition with the Admissions & Records office to add.

Dropping Classes
You may drop classes using eServices or by submitting a drop request form with the Admissions & Records office.  Deadlines for dropping classes and resulting penalties, if any, are listed on the district website - go to Add/Drop date calendar.  Be mindful that adding, dropping or withdrawing may affect:
* Financial aid
* Veterans' benefits
* International student status
* Academic standing
* Athletic eligibility
See a counselor or the appropriate epartment for assistance before making changes to your schedule.

It is the student's responsibility to drop from classes in which they do not plan to attend or are no longer attending. Instructors may or may not drop students for non-attendance. Students who drop from classes after the deadline for the last day to drop for a refund/credit are responsible for all fees.

Late Enrollment and Program Changes
Beginning the second week of instruction, adding a full semester classes requires a permission number obtained from faculty. Instructors, at their option, may add students to classes through the end of the second week of instruction. Drops must be processed by published dates to receive refund/credit.

No late class additions for full semester classes will be processed after the second week of class (see calendar for other session deadlines, i.e., 8 week classes). There are exceptions involving approved section switches (i.e., ENGWR 300 for ENGWR 101, SPAN 101 for SPAN 401, etc.) or extenuating circumstances (i.e., accident, illness, family death) that prevented a student from processing the necessary paperwork. Student petition forms for late adds are available at the Admissions & Records offices and online.

Enrollment Fee Payment Deadlines
All fees are payable at the time of registration. Non-payment of fees will result in penalties, i.e., being dropped from classes, restrictions from future enrollments, and/or restrictions on processing of official transcript requests.

If you choose to be on a wait list, you do not have to pay fees - yet (fees are not incurred). However, once you are automatically moved into the class, you are responsible for paying fees upon enrollment. Check your wait list status often.

If you no longer want to be on a wait list, you must remove yourself or be responsible for paying the enrollment fee if you are automatically moved into the class at a later date.

Unit Limitations
A student is considered full-time when they are enrolled in 12+ units for the fall or spring semesters (6 units in the summer). The maximum unit load is 18 units for fall or spring. Students who wish to enroll in more than 18 units must complete a petition for exceeding unit limit with a counselor prior to adding additional units.  Any classes that are over the unit limit must be added at the Admissions &  Records counter along with approved petition.

Waiting Lists
When available class seats are filled, a class is closed to further enrollment.  However, students may (at the time of registration) place their name on a wiat list. Students should put their names on wait lists only if they intend to take the class if a seat becomes available. Wait listed students must be present at the first meeting of the class. Students who receive an instructor's approval to add the class will be given a Permission Number to be used to add the class online or in person.

Wait list eligibility: 12-unit wait list limitation for fall or spring (5 units in the summer); not already enrolled in another section of the same course.

It is the student's responsibility to check the status of their wait list position, and if they have been added into the class. After the system enrolls a wait listed student into a class, the student has must pay the enrollment fees immediately or run the risk of being dropped for non-payment.  Being on a wait list does NOT mean that the student is enrolled in the class!