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Advanced Education

Information for Counselors: 

  • The ADV ED packet should be complete - with all signatures and attached documentation (high school transcript, schedule, private school affidavit (if appropriate), personal statement, assessment placements (if appropriate).   Per new district policy, the person who signs the advanced education application as the school principal or designee must be a duly authorized designee.  The spreadsheet with the list of approved designees is listed in the counseling folder on the K drive.  
  • For private  or home schools, they should have the private schools affidavit attached to the advanced education packet.  Check to see if the signature on the advanced education packet matches the name of the principal or lead person at the private/home school.  Attach the affidavit to the packet for OnBase scanning.   
  • Advanced Education Students register during Priority 3 registration. It will be important for counseling counter staff to fill in each student's exact P-3 appointment on the cover sheet - so the student knows when they can come back to register in person at the A&R counter.
  • Through a new regulation, non-resident fees are now waived for advanced education students, along with the regular $46 per unit enrollment fee.  The student must pay the $1 student representation fee and the UTP fee when they enroll.
  • Enrollment is limited to 2 classes per semester.  There should only be 4 options listed on each application.  Please note that last year we started allowing students to just have the course title on the application e.g., ASTR 300 - not the exact class number (e.g., 15733)  - which will give the student some flexibility when it comes time to meet with you, the FLC counselor.  As long as there is a class number on the ADV ED application when they come to the A&R counter (which has been filled in during their counseling session), we'll be able to enroll them in that specified class.         
  • Each college in Los Rios can only enroll advanced education students into their own classes, e.g., FLC counter staff can only override the ADV ED hold and add into FLC courses. The student must go to the college where they want to enroll in classes and go through that school's advanced education/counseling process. For example, we cannot add ARC classes for ADV ED students. ·        
  • Student must have completed 10th grade or be 16 years of age by first day of instruction. ·        
  • The following courses are excluded from Advanced Education students.
    • Basic skills courses (courses with numbers 1-99).
    • Courses that require repetition due to an unsatisfactory grade received at the student's school.
    • Courses offered at the student's school during the same semester the student wishes to enroll at FLC.  However, if the student is enrolled in the maximum number of units that their school permits, they may enroll in a college course, even if it is offered at their school during the same semester. Also, if the student has satisfactorily completed a high school course and wishes to enroll in a more rigorous college course in the same discipline, he/she may do so. 
  • If you approve the advanced education application, sign off and give the packet back to the student.  It is their responsibility to enroll in person at the A&R counters at FLC, EDC or RCC. Please make sure the student understands that their appointment date/time is their FIRST opportunity to register in classes - and any time after that. If their appointment is Thursday @ 10 AM and they're in class at their high school, they can come to the college when they're finished with school to add. 

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