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Dismissed and Probation Students

Academic Probation:

  • A student who has enrolled in at least 12 semester units and has earned a grade point average below 2.0 in all units which were graded.

Progress Probation:

  • A student who has enrolled in at least 12 semester units and has more than 50% of units with W, I, NP or NC grades.  

Academic Dismissal

  • A student who earns a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all units attempted in each of 3 consecutive semesters shall be subject to dismissal.

Progress Dismissal

  • A student who has enrolled in at least 3 consecutive semesters and who's transcripts show more than 50% of their units have the following entries: W, I, NP and or NC. 


Program for Academic Success & Support – PASS


PASS is a comprehensive program which provides support to students who fall into academic or progress probation or dismissal status.  Our goal is to educate students on probation/dismissal policies, provide information regarding student services and programs on campus and develop success strategies through group and individual counseling sessions.


Early Alert is a voluntary partnership between instructors and staff to assist students in successfully completing their course.  Faculty identifies students who are struggling in their class and refers them to the PASS team.  The goal is to catch students early before they fall into probation and refer them to important Student Services.  To find out more information about Early Alert, click herehttp://inside.flc.losrios.edu/inside/student_support/earlyalert.aspx


Academic/Progress Probation 1 students are required to attend a probation 1 workshop. Ronda Callaway

(x 6730) sends an email to students with workshop dates at the beginning of each semester.  If a probation 1 student does not attend a workshop, a hold will be placed on their eServices account. 


In our workshop, students will learn about probation and dismissal policy, the difference between repeating a class vs. academic renewal and other important topics.  Success strategies are discussed & encouraged so students can return to good standing.  Individual counseling appointments are recommended, but not mandatory.  Below are a few tips to follow:


  • Full-time and Adjunct counselors may see a probation 1 student during their counseling appointment. 
  • Students do not always identify themselves as being on probation with our FLC counselor clerk.
  • Important topics to discuss include:  reviewing student transcripts, identifying which classes to repeat vs. academic renewal options.
  • Recommend programs and services on campus such as: Tutoring, Reading & Writing Center or attending a workshop at the Career & Transfer Center.
  • If students are working, maybe suggest limiting units as an option.
  • Please call or email Ronda Callaway if you see a new or returning probation 1 student for an appointment.  She will track all probation 1 students.
  • Lastly, please explain the Loss of Enrollment Priority to Probation 1 students. 


Academic/Progress Probation 2 students are required to attend a mandatory counseling appointment.  These students are also emailed and provided with Ronda Callaway’s number to set up an appointment.  Full-time and Adjunct Counselors will not be seeing any probation 2 students.


  • PASS Counselors fill out an Action Plan with specific conditions to complete such as:  Tutoring, attending the Reading & Writing Center, or attending a workshop in the Career and Transfer Center. 
  • Progress Reports are required for most students to follow-up with student’s mid-semester grades.  These requirements are tracked. 
  • Our goal is to meet with probation 2 students twice during the semester.
  • If probation 2 students do not come in for a counseling appointment, a hold will be put on their eServices account. They will not be able to register until they come in for an appointment with a PASS Counselor. 
  • The PASS team will set up a SARS Alert for all probation 2 students, which states all appointments must be made with Jill Morrison or Camille Snow, our PASS Counselors.
  • If you happen to see a returning probation 2 student who may have slipped by, please cover the same information mentioned for probation 1 students.  As hard as we try to control seeing all probation 2 students, a few may slip through the cracks, especially during drop in appointments. Counselors can help students get set up for the semester.  Students will need to make another appointment with a PASS counselor.  Again, call or e-mail Ronda and let her know you saw a probation 2 student.  Thank you!


 Our goal is to help students with their individual circumstance so they can move into good standing and continue to work towards their educational and career goals at FLC.


Academic/Progress Dismissal students will have a hold on their account after grades are posted.  Dismissal students are required to meet with a PASS Counselor to discuss their transcripts, individual situations and complete a Readmission after Dismissal Petition Form to be considered for future enrollment.  A student may also be “Stopped Out” for a semester.  We are currently working on new policies for students with continued dismissal status.  Full-Time and Adjunct Counselors will not be seeing any dismissal students.  We are currently having discussions with our sister colleges in LRCCD about how to handle dismissal students consistently.  We will keep you updated with any changes in policy.


Loss of Priority Registration – Students who are placed on Probation for two consecutive terms or on dismissal, will lose priority registration as a continuing student and will register during open enrollment.  Students who have a term GPA of 2.0 and have completed more than half the attempted units for the term will be able to appeal their loss of priority by completing the Reinstatement of Priority Registration Form.  This form can be found on the Admissions and Records Forms page on the FLC website.


If you have any questions regarding probation or dismissal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can also go to the FLC website, click on Counseling and PASS to read more information about PASS and our FAQ’s page.


PASS Team:


Jill Morrison


(916) 608-6727


Camille Snow


(916) 608-6510


Ronda Callaway, Student Personnel Assistant


(916) 608-6730