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Prerequisite Clearance


1.       If a New Transfer student has already completed the English and math classes that they need for graduation or transfer at a previous college, or they’ve taken the prerequisite courses at another college, please follow one of these steps:

a.       To show the New Transfer student has met the assessment “step”, counselors should click on the ASSESSMENT reason code in SARS GRID during a counseling appointment.  The SARS nightly upload will populate the MATRIC panel in Peoplesoft to show the student has completed that step. 

b.      If a New Transfer student wants to clear or challenge a prerequisite with prior coursework, they should be directed to the appropriate process – clearance through A&R or challenge through the department.

                                                               i.      If a student is using the Prerequisite Clearance form because the class they completed is on the approved English or math course equivalency list, they can attach unofficial transcripts (or AP test scores, if applicable).

                                                             ii.      A&R will post a milestone on the student’s record for clearance into the specific course they want to add (which is also portable across the District). 
*Please note that the clearance is for the specific class – for example, if a student submits a clearance form for ENGWR 301, we post a milestone for ENGWR 301. If the student wants to enroll in ENGWR 302 in a future term, that previous milestone for ENGWR 301 will NOT allow enrollment into ENGWR 302.

c.       It is imperative that the student understand that they will need to supply the college with official transcripts or AP test scores, should their goal be FLC graduation or CSU/IGETC certification for transfer. 

d.       We will also place milestones for students who have a previously approved course sub/waiver petition on file in OnBase (rather than having the student go through the challenge process all over again).  The copy of the petition should be attached to the Prerequisite Clearance form, and we will post the milestone accordingly.



1.       If a high school student who is graduating and coming to FLC as a new student is using AP test scores for placement into English or math, the following steps should be followed:

a.       We require the following for high school students for prerequisite clearance:

o   Unofficial AP scores (from the College Board website) – OR –

o   If scores are not available or exam hasn’t been taken, a letter from the high school on school letterhead saying the student is scheduled to take the AP exam or they took it but it's too early to have scores.  This can be emailed to FLC-Evaluations@flc.losrios.eduTHIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FALL ENROLLMENT – NOT SUMMER (since the AP test scores won’t be ready to send until later in the summer).

b.       A milestone will be posted to clear the fall enrollment.  The student will be notified and be given a deadline of August 11, 2017 –when the official AP test scores should be submitted to A&R.  If we don’t receive the official scores by that deadline, the student would be administratively dropped from the fall semester class.

If the student is trying to enroll in a summer class, we recommend they go through the math challenge process – 

 Prerequisite Clearance/Challenge Forms