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    Fast-Track classes

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    Social Justice Spring

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    It Pays to Stay

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Below are the steps veterans must take to receive veteran's benefits while attending FLC.


1. Apply to Folsom Lake College-www.flc.losrios.edu. You will receive your Student ID # via email.

2. Log into eServices to set up your account-and access Los Rios Gmail to ensure you receive all Los Rios communications.

3. Complete either VA Form 22-5490 (applying for VA dependent educational benefits for the first time) or VA Form 22-5495 (if transferring from another school where you used VA educational benefits).  www.ebenefits.va.gov

4. Complete the Los Rios online orientation-http://success.losrios.edu/orientation.php

5. Take Assessment tests for English and math (go online for testing schedule) - not required if you've already taken English and/or math at another college.

6. Order official transcript from all previous colleges (other than Los Rios) - You may bring in official transcripts with you as long as they remain in a sealed envelope.  Please note that a counselor will not be able to advise you of payable courses unless you provide all transcripts.

7. Apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - depending on your income, you may qualify for financial aid in addition to the Chapter 35 dependent benefits.

8. Complete and submit FLC VA forms-VA Intake Form and Statement of Student Understanding form at start of application process.  Submit Request for Certification form every semester after you've added your classes!

9. Schedule one hour appointment with Counselor-to complete your VA educational plan. The counselor will evaluate all prior coursework and assist you in mapping out a VA approved educational plan, which will clearly define what classes will be approved by the VA. Assessment scores and official transcripts must be on file (or brought by you to the appointment). Counselor will submit a copy to the Admissions and Records supervisor to be put in student's file. 

10. Register for classes- submit Request for Certificate form to the VRC upon enrollment.

11. Submit a Schedule Change form to the Veterans Resource Center whenever you add or drop classes after your initial certification.

12. Make sure to follow your most current VA educational plan when selecting classes you are adding.  If you change your major, you must meet with a counselor for a new VA educational plan.