• Promise Program

    Promise Program

    Applications for FLC/Rancho Cordova College Promise program opens Feb. 1
  • Speaker Series: Alice Waters

    Speaker Series: Alice Waters

    FLC launches Speaker Series with famed chef Alice Waters on March 12 at the Harris Center
  • Fast-Track classes

    Fast-Track classes

    While most Spring classes have begun, there are a variety of classes that start throughout the semester.
  • Scholarships


    Variety of scholarship opportunities offered - deadline March 2
  • Supporting Student Success

    Supporting Student Success

    Folsom Lake College offers a variety of free workshops to help students succeed
  • Presidents' Holidays

    Presidents' Holidays

    The college will be closed on Friday, Feb. 17 and Monday, Feb. 20.
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Step 1 - Using the Internet

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The Internet has a wealth of information and resources available for personal and professional growth. The following are some resources to help you begin your path to self- discovery. There are many free on-line services and search engines which will guide you in defining and accomplishing your goals.

Learning about the Internet
The Internet can be a confusing and frustrating place. Understanding how it works and what is available makes it a little friendlier.
LearnTheNet.com - This site provides comprehensive, user-friendly Internet training.

Free/Low Cost Internet Service Providers
These services will connect you to the Internet, once you have access to a computer with a modem.
myBluelight.com - myBlueLight.com Internet Service features nationwide dialup access, free email, instant messaging and a customized homepage.
Address.com - Asks for name, address and phone number on signup; provides Web-based e-mail.
dotNow! - Has filed for a patent for methodology behind ad-supported Internet access. Mac version available; offers 20MB of Web space; provides Web-based e-mail.
NetZero - The biggest player on the free ISP block also has one of the biggest ad banner window of the bunch. Asks for address and phone number on signup; provides POP-based e-mail.

Free Email
These services will give you an e-mail address and the ability to send and receive electronic mail (email).
Los Rios Gmail

Free Web File Storage Space
These sites allow you to store and access files from any computer with Internet access.
Google Drive
Yahoo Briefcase

Free Web Space
If you need a place to store files online or create a web site, these services provide free space.
Freeservers - Freeservers is one of the oldest free web hosts still offering free web space and a solid hosting platform.
Yahoo GeoCities - Don't mind ads on your site? Then you can get started with a free GeoCities home page.
Free Web Hosting Space Finder - A huge and growing directory of free webpage providers in which you can use to create webpages.

Research Tools
Search engines use a variety of methods to find web sites related to your research. Generally, you type in a phrase or sentence describing your topic, and the search engine finds web sites containing those topics.
Infopeople.org - Chart of the best features of the best search tools.
Ask.com - Smart enough to understand plain English (i.e. "where can I find ...?)
Excite - Focus is on being your gateway to E-commerce, E-mail, and entertainment but still a useful search engine if you know where you want to go.
Hotbot - A good place to start - uses one of the larger Internet databases and takes you to sites that have been useful to others who asked similar questions.
Library of Congress - Explore the Internet - Learn about the internet, browse government resources, browse topical guides, internet search tips and tools.
Mamma.com - The "Mother of all Search Engines" runs your request on several of the major search engines simultaneously and gives you the best links they find.
Metacrawler - Searches other engines.
Yahoo - A multi-function site which provides a gateway to E-commerce, E-mail, and entertainment. It is a useful search engine if you know where you want to go.