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Program for Academic Success & Support - PASS

PASS is a comprehensive program which provides support to students who fall into Academic or Progress Probation or Dismissal status. Our goal is to educate students on Probation/Dismissal policies, provide information regarding student services and programs on campus and develop success strategies through group and individual counseling sessions.

  • We are a student centered program focused on Student Success. The objective is to help students return to good standing and reach their career and educational goals.

Probation and Dismissal

Probation and Dismissal is to be taken seriously. If you find yourself in either of these academic standings, you will be notified by the PASS team, through Los Rios Gmail. You can view your academic standing  on your unofficial transcript after grades are posted each semester. See eServices to review your transcript.  The following is an explanation of the PASS program and what it means for you.

Early Alert

Early Alert is a voluntary partnership between Instructors and Staff to assist students in successfully completing their course. Faculty identifies students who are struggling in their class and refers them to the PASS team. The goal is to catch students early before they fall into probation and refer them to important Student Services. To find out more information about Early Alert, click here


Academic Probation

A student who has attempted at least 12 semester units and whose cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 is placed on Academic Probation 1. If you are on Academic Probation for a consecutive semester, you will be on Probation 2.

Progress Probation

A student who has enrolled in at least 12 semester units is placed on Progress Probation when W, I, and NP grades are recorded in one half or more of all units in which a student has enrolled. If you are on Progress Probation for a consecutive semester, you will be on Probation 2.

Return to Good Standing

A student placed on Academic Probation will return to Good Standing when the cumulative GPA has improved to a 2.0. A student placed on Progress Probation will return to Good Standing when the cumulative units of W, I, or NP are less than 50 percent of the total units attempted.


A student on Academic or Progress Probation for three consecutive semesters will go into Dismissal and a hold is automatically placed on your registration.

Requirements for being on Probation or Dismissal

Academic/Progress Probation 1: You must attend a mandatory PASS Workshop in order to register for the next term. Counseling appointments are available upon request.

Academic/Progress Probation 2: You must meet with a PASS counselor in order to register for the next term. Other requirements and success strategies will be discussed during your counseling appointment.

Academic/Progress Dismissal: You will be required to meet with a PASS counselor and complete a Readmission Petition Form to be considered for future enrollment.

*To reserve a spot for the workshop or schedule a counseling appointment, please call Ronda Callaway at 916-608-6730.

Loss of Priority Registration/BOG Fee Waiver Eligibility

Students who are placed on Probation for two consecutive terms or Dismissal will lose priority as a continuing student and will register during open enrollment (later than priority 1 and 2).

Students who are placed on Probation for two consecutive terms or Dismissal may lose their fee waiver eligibility.

*Students who have a term GPA of 2.0 and have completed more than half the attempted units for the term will be able to appeal their loss of priority/BOG Fee Waiver. For more information regarding BOG Fee Waiver eligibility click here.

Recommended Resources:


Jill Morrison, PASS Counselor
(916) 608-6727

Camille Snow, PASS Counselor
(916) 608-6510

Ronda Callaway, Student Personnel Assistant
(916) 608-6730 (To schedule an appointment)