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High School Students

Body ImageEven if you're not sure what your future holds you should be thinking about going to college now! Prepare today as if you'll be continuing your education beyond high school. Why should you think seriously about college now? Because college is the key to your future. A college education gives you choices. It will develop your special interests and take you out of a minimum-wage job and into good-paying work you enjoy. Higher education puts you in a better position to help your family and your community, and you'll have expanded possibilities with a college education. No matter what type of degree or certification, continuing your education past high school graduation is the key to enriching your life and expanding your career opportunities.

If you are a High School Senior, check out our month-by-month college prep plan by clicking on the "HS Senior Pre FLC Checklist," located in the menu to the left.

The information and links below are designed to provide you with new student information and help prepare you for FLC attendance.

College Prep Events at Your High School:
Regular visits to your school's website will keep you aware of upcoming college prep events for both you and your parents. Many high schools host Financial Aid, College/Career Exploration, and Parent Information nights, to name a few. Along with checking your high school website for upcoming events at your school, keep in touch with your career center or counselor for current information and event sign up.

Explore Your Future Options:
After high school you will need to work to pay for housing, transportation, clothes... Find out how much money you will need and which occupation will pay for all your needs by visiting the Californiarealitycheck.com site.

Applying to Folsom Lake College:
Completing the application to attend the college is the first step in the preparing-for-attendance process. You may complete an application online, in person or by mail. Click here for more information about the application process. Also, check with your career center or counselor to see if your school will be hosting an FLC Application Workshop in the spring. In these workshops Outreach staff assist students in completing the application process and answer FLC registration, services and programs questions.

Orientation is an important start for any first time student; at Folsom Lake College we offer our orientation online.  For more information, click here.

Assessment Testing:
After you have submitted your application you will be required to take math and English assessment tests, prior to registering. Assessment is an evaluation of student's language and computational skills and is used to assist students in the selection of courses needed to achieve their educational goals. Based on test results and other pertinent information, recommendations will be made for classes best suited to a student's skill level. Click here for more information about Assessment Testing and FLC campus testing dates . (You are required to bring a photo ID and your FLC Student Identification Number to the test. A Student Identification Number is assigned to you when you complete and submit an FLC application.)

Once the application and assessment steps have been completed, we recommend new student's meet with one of our counselors for assistance with course selection and to create a Student Educational Plan. Counselors are available to assist students with certificate/degree requirements, transfer requirements and college selection preparation for an academic major course selection. Click here for more information about Counseling Services.

Transfer Services:
Transfer Services are geared toward assisting students in exploring post-secondary educational options while providing support and guidance on the steps necessary to transfer to a four-year college or university. Transfer students are encouraged to meet with a counselor prior to registering for each semester. Counselors will help you choose transferable classes and help keep you on track for transfer. For more information about our Transfer Services, click here.

FLC Campus Tours:
Request an FLC campus tour with your class or your parents by clicking on "Tour Folsom Lake College" in the left menu bar. A visit to one of our campuses is invaluable for connecting with our programs, services and staff.

Getting Ready to Fund Your College Education:
There are many resources to help you fund your college education, and there are financial resources to assist you with and, in some cases, fully cover costs such as tuition, books and application fees. Options include grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. Explore the following websites for financial aid options. Financial aid information is also available on our website--check it out by clicking here.

Federal Student Aid Information
(Free copies of financial aid materials, including FAFSA)
Federal Student Aid PIN Website
California Student Aid Commission
CSS Profile Information
Financial Aid Information Page
Explore Financial Aid Options
FinAid: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
Resources for Students with Disabilities in Need of Financial Assistance

Advanced Education:
If you are a high school student you may be eligible to enroll in up to two Advanced Education courses each semester at Folsom Lake College, tuition free, if:

You have completed the 10th grade or are 16 years old by the first day of instruction.
You demonstrate exemplary academic achievement such as GPA of 2.7 or above and/or other academic success indicators.
The course you want to take is not available to you at your school.
The course is not remedial (1-99 classes).
The course is not being repeated due to an unsatisfactory grade
The course is for advanced study and you are able to demonstrate adequate preparation and completed pre-requisites for the course.

Before applying you must obtain an "Advanced Education" admission application from the college's student services offices, your high school counselor, or from the college's website. You must submit the Advanced Education application (along with a standard FLC application) every semester you wish to enroll in advanced study courses. For complete details, please be sure to read all of the instructions in the Advanced Education packet. Click here to access the Advanced Education Application.

Student Services:
Folsom Lake College offers student support services and opportunities to help students prepare for transfer to four-year schools and universities, workforce education, basic skills improvement, intellectual and physical development, and cultural enrichment. Check out "FLC Services for Success," a list of student services available at FLC, located in the left menu, or click here to access the FLC Student Services webpage.

Outreach Support:
For more information about attending Folsom Lake College, contact the Outreach Office--we're here to help you connect with the college and move through the application to registration process! Also, check with your high school career center or counselor for a schedule of FLC staff visitation dates at your school, or contact the FLC outreach representative in your area at:

Sarah Aldea
Outreach Specialist
Folsom Lake College
10 College Parkway
Folsom, CA 95630
Phone: (916) 608-6589
Fax: (916) 608-6732