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FLC CalWORKs Summer 2014 Guidance

Dear FLC CalWORKs Student,

Spring 2014 has come to a close, and we hope you are all enjoying a well-deserved semester break! That being said, we strongly advise that you to continue to follow through with your educational pursuits, stick to your county approved educational plan, take advantage of work-study opportunities, and use your CalWORKs Advisors and Counselor as collaborators in your success – considering them your first points of contact for advocacy, advising, course planning and resource support.

To expedite transition from spring 2014 to summer 2014 for those CalWORKs continuing students taking summer classes, please follow the information below:


RCC is closed until August 11, and EDC will only have limited appointments for textbooks/enrollment verification this summer, as such all students should forward their summer inquiries to FLC-Main (916-608-6638) starting today and through the end of July, 2014.


It is your responsibility to provide a current TANF/Verification form to our FLC CalWORKs office each semester. It must be signed and stamped in June 2014 by your worker, or worker/supervisor of the day. The TANF/Verification form is attached to this email. Remember – no services or support will be provided without this completed form, so please turn it in or contact our office for additional guidance!

Textbook Verifications

Summer 2014 textbook verification were started in May to give our students and our county partner’s time to process them due to the short window of time available in June before classes begin. If you have not yet taken advantage, then:

·         Please call our office to schedule your Textbook Verification appointment at 916-608-6638.

·         You must have both a current TANF/Verification and Educational Plan on file and be registered in classes to take part. We cannot include "wait-listed" courses on your textbook verification.

·         Priority will go to students who schedule this activity, so please follow the guidance above.

·         Students who choose to "drop-in" this summer will only be seen during unscheduled slots, which may not come for several hours – or at all!

·         El Dorado County students - it can take upwards of 4-7 business days for your county worker to process your paperwork once we complete the textbook verification.

·         Sacramento County students - it can take upwards of 10-14 business days minimum for your county worker to process your paperwork once we complete the textbook verification - so make this a priority.

·         If you are taking courses at more than one college, this could increase processing time so please act quickly.

May 2014 Monthly Attendance/Enrollment Report

Beginning June 5th, your May Enrollment Report will be available for pick up, or you may call us to have it faxed to your worker – this will not happen automatically, you need to proactively contact us to let us know you need this item as not all of our students are required to submit this information to their workers.

June Enrollment forms will be available starting July 7th and July Enrollment forms will be available starting August 5th.

On-Campus Work-Study Positions

As of July 1, 2014 the on-campus work-study positions will pay $9.00/hr. and all work-study income is exempt, meaning it does not count against cash aid. FLC CalWORKs will be working with other campus units and programs to place students, if you are interested in working either this summer or in fall 2014, please call our Folsom office and speak with Carmelita Palomares (916-608-6638).

If you are currently an on or off campus work-study student, if you plan on working in June and July you must be registered for at least 1 unit at FLC or EDC – call our office and speak if you have any questions.

New Students

We continue to encourage all eligible CalWORKs students to apply for our program. If you know a student who is CalWORKs eligible and not currently in our program, please direct them to our website or our offices so they can receive necessary support/services.


Remember, your continued focus and attention to your educational pathway here at FLC will provide you with access, options and opportunities long after you have completed your certificate, degree or transfer. As such, after the necessities; your education should be your singular concern.

We look forward to providing you with coordinated services, support and advocacy, which define the CalWORKs program at FLC, for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns not addressed here and we hope to see you upon your return to FLC and the continuation of your pathway to success!


CalWORKs Staff  


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which you have overcome.” Dr. Booker T. Washington