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"...I was lucky enough to find like-minded people who also felt it was a priority to have campus culture and create an avenue to showcase the talents of students."

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Campus Job Opportunities

Here are a few places to check for on-campus employment opportunities:

LRCCD The Los Rios Community College District's Human Resources website lists a variety of both full-time and temporary staff positions - click here.
Harris Center Logo The Harris Center for the Arts is always looking for talented technical staff - click here.
Aramark Food Services Click here for information about employment opportunities with Aramark Food Services (FLC Falcon's Roost Campus Dining).
Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office lists information on available Federal Work Study jobs - click here.

What is Federal Work Study?
Federal Work Study (FWS) positions are awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria for financial aid. Financial need is determined from information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The amount of the FWS award and, therefore, the number of hours a student may work, will be based on information from the student's need analysis after completion of the student's financial aid file.

Since funds are very limited, students should apply early in order to qualify for FWS funds. The priority deadline for the FAFSA application is March 2nd of each year. It is recommended that students renew their FAFSA application on time and turn in any required documentation to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible if they are interested in applying for FWS.

To qualify for Federal Work Study:

  1. A student must have a completed financial aid file with additional financial need above and beyond grand eligibility, AND
  2. A student must be enrolled at leasted half time in an eligible program (if you are on an approved appeal for 72+/degree earned, you must be enrolled at least half time in approved unites), AND
  3. A student must demonstrate and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Please note that if you apply for (and are awarded) student loans, scholarships, or other Financial Aid funding while your FWS application is being processed, it could affect whether or not you are eligible for FWS.

LINCS For many more On and Off-Campus job and internship opportunities, check out our LINCS online job board. Click here.
Falcon College Bookstore Click here for Employment Opportunities with the FLC College Store.
Tutoring Logo Click here for information about becoming a Tutor.
Cleaning Icon Click here for Employment with the Campus Custodial Services.
Welcome Center Click here for job opportunity with the Welcome & Student Success Center.
Other Resources Logo The Counseling Department provides a list of links to a wide variety of online job-search resources. Click here for that page.

Academic Credit

Did you know you can get academic credit for your On-Campus Job? Contact the Internship & Work Experience Program for more information! Do you want help finding an internship? Contact the Internship & Work Experience Office, FL2-133, (916) 608-6552 or CollieJ@flc.losrios.edu.

Volunteer Opportunities Logo

Volunteer Opportunities On-Campus: Athletics - Flight Crew Volunteer.

Click here for Employment opportunities with FLC- Athletics Department 

Admissions & Records

Admissions & Records

Click here for Employment Opportunities with FLC- Admission and Records office


Are you looking to hire FLC students? Click here for the Los Rios Community College District's online job posting service - LINCS.

To share your On-Campus Job Opportunity, please complete this form and email it to FLC-jobs@flc.losrios.edu

To share your On-Campus Volunteer Opportunity, please complete this form and email it to WEXP@flc.losrios.edu

For more information, please contact the Internship & Work Experience Program at (916) 608-6979 or WEXP@flc.losrios.edu

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