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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the DSPS office located?
How can I schedule an appointment with DSPS?
What should I bring with me for my first appointment?
Can I take my assessment tests through DSPS?
Does DSPS provide one-on-one tutoring?
Are student accommodations the same at Folsom Lake College as they were at my high school?
I have already received an accommodation for a note taker, how do I initiate the note taker service?

DSPS Location
On the main FLC campus we are located in "The Center for Excellence" in room FL1-108, located in the hallway by media services. Click HERE for map. On the EDC campus we are located near the counseling office, outside between the bookstore and the Financial Aid office. Click HERE for map.

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Schedule an Appointment
Call Folsom Lake College at (916) 608-6611 or the El Dorado Center at (530) 642-5630.

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What Should I Bring With Me For My First Appointment?

  • Psychological Educational Report (Psycho. Ed. Eval.) from the high school Special Education IEP documents.
  • A "504 Plan" from the high school.
  • A letter from a doctor stating the disability and limitations.

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Can I Take My Assessment Tests Through DSPS?
No, assessment testing is done through the FLC assessment office. However, DSPS does provide extended time to students who qualify.

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Does DSPS Provide One-On-One Tutoring?
No, please visit the Reading/Writing center or the Math center form more information on tutoring.

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Are Student Accommodations the Same at Folsom Lake College as They Were at My High School?
Services and accommodations can differ greatly from high school to college. Generally, there are fewer accommodations at the college level. However, accommodations usually can help students with disabilities be successful in college.

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I Have Already Received an Accommodation For A Note Taker, How Do I Initiate the Note Taker Service?
Once accommodation for a note taker is received, students must take the accommodation letter to their professor(s) to arrange for a volunteer note taker.

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Disabled Students Programs and Services

Folsom Lake College (916) 608 - 6611

El Dorado Center (530) 642 - 5630

El Dorado Center Location

Folsom Lake College Location


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