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Folsom Lake College External Scholarships

These scholarships are local or national scholarships that are available to students, but NOT overseen by Folsom Lake College or the Folsom Lake College Foundation. Click on the Scholarship Name below for Scholarship Information and/or Application Materials.

Time-Sensitive Scholarships

Annually Offered Scholarships

Scholarships with Varied Deadlines

Scholarship Resources

Time-Sensitive Scholarships:

Application DeadlineScholarship Name/ContactAmount
October 31, 2018 CashCourse "My Story" Essay Contest Varies
November 15, 2018 Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights Live Your Dream Award
December 10, 2018 Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship $500
December 20, 2018 2018 BluePay STEM Scholarship
December 25, 2018 CheapSeedBoxes Scholarship $1,500
December 31, 2018 Video Game Design Scholarship $1,000
December 31, 2018 Big3Media Scholarship $500
December 31, 2018 ZipRecruiter $3,000 Scholarship $3,000
January 11, 2019 Evelyn R. Horn Scholarship Varies
January 20, 2019 Meldon Law's $1,000 Scholarship $1,000
March 31, 2019 Pastel Society of the West Coast $1,000 Art Scholarship $1,000

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Annually Offered Scholarship:

Application DeadlineScholarship Name/ContactAmount
September 01, annually Beldon Scholarship $1,000
September 01, annually Paul Martin's American Grill Scholarship $1,000
September 05, annually LoL-Smurfs Scholarship $1,000
September 15, annually P.E.O Scholarship $1,000
September 30, annually Temo Sunrooms Scholarship $1,000
September 30, annually SurveysWonk.com Internet Marketing Scholarship $750
October 01, annually Paramount Builders, Inc. Scholarship $1,000
October 30, annually The Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship $1,500
November 15, annually Soroptimist Live your Dream: Education & Training Awards for Women Varies
November 30, annually AE Home Group Scholarship Program $500
November 30, annually Dependable Homebuyers Scholarship $500
December 01, annually ParentsNeed Scholarship $1,000
December 15, annually The Future Leaders in Retail Scholarship $1,000
December 15, annually Hexter & Baines' Annual Scholarship Award $1,250
December 15, annually Sports Gear Lab Scholarship $500
December 15, annually The Future Leaders in Retail Scholarship $1,000
December 31, annually The Home Gear Scholarship $500
December 31, annually Neighborhoods.com Neighborhood Involvement Scholarship $2,000
December 31, annually Private Tutoring at Home Scholarship $1,000
December 31, annually MARCCX Media Scholarship $1,000
December 31, annually Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Varies
January 01, annually Avant-Garde Moving Scholarship $1,000
January 15, annually WebsiteHosting.com Scholarship $1,500
January 20, annually The Meldon Law College Scholarship $1,000
January 31, annually CuraDebt Scholarship $500
January 31, annually Uphomes.ca Annual Scholarship $500
February 01, annually The Bulkofficesupply.com Scholarship $1,000
February 01, annually GameAuthority Scholarship $1,000
February 28, annually Reborn Cabinets Scholarship $1,000
March 01, annually GoStartABlog's Young Writers Scholarship $1,000
March 15, annually The Annual Stewart J. Guss College Student Scholarship $1,000
March 15, annually NTSMHF Scholarship $500
March 30, annually Bautista LeRoy Entrepreneur Scholarship
March 31, annually Outdoor Living Scholarship Varies
March 31, annually My Real Games Award Scholarship $500
April 01, annually Padgett Communications Scholarship $1,000
April 01, annually The InvestmentZen Financial Future Scholarship $1,000
April 01, annually Key Exteriors Scholarship $1,500
May 15, annually The ezDinero Latino Scholarship Fund $1,000
May 25, annually The Fix Your Skin Annual Student Scholarship $1,000
May 31, annually SurveysSay Annual Marketing Scholarship $1,000
June 1, annually The Grocare Scholarship Program $1,000
June 15, annually Laser Spine Institute Scholarship $1,500
June 15, annually Soderman Marketing SEO Scholarship $500
June 30, annually Dealhack Community Volunteer Scholarship $1,500
June 30, annually Test Facts Marketing Scholarship $1,500
July 01, annually Trucking Unltd Computer Science Scholarship $500
July 01, annually American Home Design Scholarship $1,000
July 01, annually Smashing Drones Scholarship Program $500
July 01, annually The UNU Scholarship $1,000
July 01, annually Pharmacy School USA Scholarship Program $500
July 15, annually The Boxercraft Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer Scholarship $2,000
July 21, annually The Dealer Auto Glass Scholarship Program $500
July 31, annually Coupon Chief Scholarship Program $1,000
July 31, annually ARealOnlineDegree.com Scholarship $1,000
August 01, annually Continental Siding Supply Scholarship $1,000
August 01, annually King Green Scholarship $1,000
August 05, annually UnrankedSmurfs University Scholarship $1,250
August 05, annually Home Reviewed Scholarship Marketing Scholarship $700
August 15, annually Devconhomesecurity Annual Scholarship $2,500
August 31, annually UKIES Innovative Women's Scholarship $2,000

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Scholarships with Varied Deadlines:

Application DeadlineScholarship Name/ContactAmount
Varies Sleeping Angels Co. Scholarship $500
Varies SEO Optimizers Scholarship $500
Varies Wedding Tropics Scholarship $500
Varies Shralpin Scholarship $500
Varies Corporate Housing Developer Scholarship $500
Varies SchoolTutoring Academy Monthly College Scholarship Contest $500
Varies SERPED.NET For Tomorrow's Digital Marketers Scholarship $500
Varies Buenas Opiniones Scholarship for Latino Students $2,500
Varies Fundera College Scholarship $2,000
Varies PricenFees Affiliate Marketing Scholarship $750
Varies SpearGearStore Scholarship Program $1,500
Varies Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Law Scholarship for Child Advocates $1,000
Varies BuyBulkWebTraffic Student Scholarship $1,000
Varies The Slickdeals Student Scholarship Program $2,500
Varies Body Gear Guide Scholarship Program $1,000
Varies The Los Angeles Accident Lawyers Diversity Scholarship $500
Varies EleganceRefyned Scholarship Program $1,000
Varies Golden Financial Services Scholarship Program $1,000
Varies Medical Assistant Degrees Healthcare Scholarship $500
Varies Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology $1,000
Varies Single Parent Scholarship $1,000
Varies Best Reviews Hunt Internet Marketing Scholarship $1,000
Varies Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship $1,000
Varies QuoteWizard Safe Driver Scholarship $1000
Varies Action Behavior Center College Scholarship $1,000
Varies Redfin Scholarship $2,500
Varies TechReviewPro Scholarship Program $1,000
Varies Market.biz Scholarship $1,500
Varies Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC - Future Leaders Scholarship $1,000
Varies Employment Lawyers for Workplace Diversity Scholarship $750
Varies HealthGrad.com Leadership Scholarship $1,000
Varies ResumeGo Scholarship $3,000
Varies Shine Solar Scholarship $2,000
Varies WiseMerchant Scholarship $1,000
Varies Body Gear Guide Scholarship $1,000
Varies The May Firm Bi-Annual Scholarship $1,000
Varies BuildFire Scholarship $1,000
Varies StockAndroidROM Student Scholarship $1,000
Varies Free Android Root Scholarship $1,000
Varies The Levin Firm $1,000 Bi-Yearly Scholarships $1,000
Varies Lambert Family Trust Scholarship $250
Varies TheSelfBalancingScooters $1000 Scholarship $1,000
Varies The Leesa Social Impact Scholarship $10,000
Varies Wallet Hacks Scholarship $1,000
Varies Sacramento Region Community Foundation Scholarships Varies
Varies American Dental Education Association Scholarships Varies
Varies  American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants and Awards Varies
Varies Discover Nursing Scholarships Varies
Varies Nursing Scholarships Varies
Varies UNCF Scholarship Opportunities Varies
Varies Funding your Psychology Degree Varies
Varies Computer Science Scholarships Varies
Varies Quesbook Scholarship Program Varies
Varies Buyviewsonyoutube Scholarship Varies
Varies Student Loan Hero Scholarship Varies

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Finding Scholarships, Grants and other Assistance

El Dorado County Scholarships

Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Both offer many scholarship opportunities in El Dorado, Sacramento, and Amador counties. Local organizations are a great place to start when beginning your scholarship search as they are less competitive than many of the big national websites.

There are additional scholarships available through national organizations. Though more competitive than local scholarships, you can search for scholarships through the following scholarship search engines:

WARNING: when you are searching the Internet for scholarships, if it seems to good to be true -- it probably is. You should never have to pay for a scholarship. The following websites are good resources on how to avoid being scammed.