• Class schedules now online

    Class schedules now online

    The Summer and Fall class schedules are online now! Click on the photo for more info.
  • Patrons Luncheon

    Patrons Luncheon

    The El Dorado Center Patrons Club will hold 50th annual luncheon on April 26
  • Youth Summer Academy

    Youth Summer Academy

    Weeklong courses for ages 8-18 in art, coding, dance, drama, & music
  • Social Justice Spring

    Social Justice Spring

    FLC presents diversity & equality activities this spring
  • Arts Events

    Arts Events

    Students shine at the Harris Center this May
  • Big Day of Giving

    Big Day of Giving

    On May 3, help make our region the #1 most generous community!
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Social Sciences

Social Sciences workshops are discipline specific. These workshops help students communicate their written work accurately and appropriately for the social sciences.

Below you will find a list of Social Sciences topics offered in Supplemental Learning activities:

  • APA Style 1: Identify APA guidelines, including formatting and structure, of a formal APA research paper.
  • APA Style 2: Cite material retrieved from multiple sources, using APA guidelines, and create a correctly formatted reference page.