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Student Behavior Expectations

FLC Reading and Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and Rancho Cordova Center

At the Folsom Lake College Main Campus Reading and Writing Center, the FLC Tutoring Center, and the Rancho Cordova Center (hereafter called Centers), we want students to be able to take advantage of these support services and have established some basic guidelines to ensure high quality service to our students. Students are required to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as stated in the Folsom Lake College Catalog.

Student Behavior Expectations

  • Bring your book, syllabus, and all relevant materials to ensure proper academic assistance
  • Students will only use the Centers to receive tutoring in subjects offered by the Centers
  • Dispose of all food and beverages before entering the Centers
  • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off in the Centers
  • Tutoring is not teaching. Students must not expect the Centers staff to substitute for faculty and classroom attendance
  • Do not involve Centers staff in disputes which should be settled between the student and the classroom teacher (about grades, or classroom procedures and policies); we do not mediate in these areas, nor do we ask professors to change grades on papers
  • Do not request assistance for tutoring of material not authorized by faculty (such as exam questions)
  • Books loaned to students must be returned before leaving the Centers
  • Use of the computers is limited to one hour at a time; students may remain logged in after one hour provided there are no other students waiting to use that computer; no utilization of computers for recreational use
  • Abide by the operating hours and promptly leave five minutes before closing time
  • No disruptive behavior will be tolerated, which includes expressions of anger, profanity, or vulgarity against staff or other students, or sleeping in the Centers
  • No theft of or damage to property in the Centers
  • No requesting tutoring while being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or dangerous drugs
  • No inappropriate requests to staff such as requests for additional tutoring off campus or exchange of personal information (e-mail address or phone numbers)
  • No direct, indirect and implied threats against a student or staff member, inside or outside the Centers

Any violation of these expectations will result in a verbal warning by the Centers; a second warning will result in a written Referral for Student Conduct Standards Violation, as well as possible loss of access services.

Student conduct must comply with federal and state laws, college rules and regulations, and District policies and regulations. Students who violate such rules and regulations are subject to disciplinary action.