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    Looking for open classes?

    Spring classes are available! Semester starts week of Jan. 13. Click on the photo for info.
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    Spring begins soon

    The Spring semester starts Jan. 13-22. Click on the photo for helpful tips to prepare!
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    Register Now for Spring

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    Auditions for Spring Play

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    Innovation Fellows

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First Year Experience (FYE)

First Year Experience (FYE) supports students as they embark on their college journey.  FYE will help you connect with Folsom Lake College and build strong social and academic skills for success. 

All FYE students are required to attend FYE Welcome Day on August 21, 2018.

FYE@FLC is designed to help students:

  • gain awareness of campus resources and support services

  • feel more connected, comfortable, and at home in the FLC community

  • acquire academic and life skills to succeed in college

  • reach their educational goals of earning a certificate or degree, and/or transferring to a university.

Click here for the First Year Experience flyer

Program Services:

FYE Welcome Day
Our official kick off event, FYE students meet fellow first year students, instructors and mentors, find their classrooms, and participate in interactive community building activties.  Welcome Day is on August 21, 2018 at the main campus in Folsom.  Student attendance is required. 

Student Success Workshops
We offer a variety of workshops to students throughout the semester. These workshops help students develop skills needed to thrive in the college environment.  All workshops are free.  Click here to view the workshop schedule.

FYE Learning Communities
FYE is a year long program designed to provide students with esstenial courses and skills need to be successful in college.  In th fall semester, students enroll in an English class (based on assessment results) that is linked to HCD 310: College Success, a 3 unit, transferable general education course designed to introduce students to valuable college success skills.  In the spring semester, students enroll in the next level of English that in linked to  HCD 330: Life and Career Planning and Library 318: Library Research and Information Literacy.  These courses provide students with valuable instruction, information, and guideance during their first year at FLC with support from their peers, mentors, counselors, and instructors in a collaborative and supportive environment.

                                   Fall                                         Spring                                   

HCD 310
Tuesday/Thursday 9am-10:20am

HCD 330 and LIB 318
Tuesday or Thursday 9am-10:20am

English 51, 101, or 300
Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am-12:35pm

English 51, 101, or 300
Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am-12:35pm

Support Services
Peer Mentoring
1st Year counseling and advising

FYE Eligibility

  • new to college and attending FLC

  • available for classes on Tuesday/Thursday

  • eligible for English 51, 101, or 300

Learning Communities

The first year of college can be a bit overwhelming. In an effort to make the transition from high school to college a smooth one, FYE students are placed into learning communities.  A learning community is a small group of first year students and FLC faculty who learn together in a cohort atmosphere. Students are placed in courses based on their English and math assessment scores, with other students who have scored similarly. In addition to English and math, a Freshman Seminar course, which meets graduation and UC and CSU transfer requirements, will be part of each learning community. All courses are taught by FLC faculty who are committed to providing quality instruction and who place students first. 

Learning communities allow the opportunity for students to establish working relationships with fellow students and faculty by taking their classes together, while greatly enhancing the opportunities to succeed at FLC. While in learning communities, students have access to peer mentors who provide support and guidance through the first year, tutoring services, workshops, academic counseling, and referrals to additional services as needed. 


Please feel free to contact the Student Success Programs Office with any questions that you may have.

Via telephone or email:
(916) 608-6722