• Fast-Track classes

    Fast-Track classes

    While most Spring classes have begun, there are a variety of classes that start throughout the semester.
  • Scholarships


    Variety of scholarship opportunities offered - deadline March 1
  • Arts Events

    Arts Events

    Students shine at the Harris Center this spring
  • Presidents Holidays

    Presidents Holidays

    The college will be closed on Friday, Feb. 15 and Monday, Feb. 18.
  • Spring Blood Drive

    Spring Blood Drive

    It's almost time for the FLC Spring Blood Drive!
  • Looking for open classes?

    Looking for open classes?

    Spring classes are available! Semester starts week of Jan. 19. Click on the photo for info.
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First Year Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend FYE Welcome Day? Can I miss Welcome Day and still participate in FYE at FLC?
All students must attend FYE Welcome Day in order to participate in FYE at FLC.   When a student is admitted to FYE at FLC, they will receive information on how to sign up.  FYE Welcome Day is important as it will provide students with essential information about the program and Folsom Lake College. Students will receive indepth information about the program, services, meet the FYE faculty, and peer mentors.

Do I have to schedule a College Prep Meeting?
Yes.  All students admitted into FYE must attend a one on one College Prep Meeting with a peer mentor.  This meeting with finalize your admission into FYE and provide you with detailed information about your schedule, campus resources, and program expectations.  These meetings can be booked individually to meet your schedule.

Do I have to complete my Folsom Lake College application, orientation, assessment, and counseling session to participate in FYE?
Yes. All of the above mentioned steps need to be completed in order for a student to be able to register for FYE classes. 

What classes do I need to take for FYE?
In the fall semester, FYE offers students HCD 310: College Success as well as English 101, 33, and 300.  Your English enrollment is based on your placement results.  All students must register for HCD 310 but you can choose not to enroll in English if you prefer.  For the spring semester, students will enrolled in HCD 330: Life and Career Planning and can enroll in the next level English class, either 300 or 302.  Students will complete their English class sequences required for graduation and transfer by the end of their first year and earn 4 units of electives for graduation and transfer through the HCD classes.

How do I enroll in FYE classes?
You will be given the opportunity to enroll in FYE classes upon completing your College Prep Meeting with our staff.

Can I take summer classes and still be eligible for FYE?
Yes. Students taking summer school are still eligible for FYE, just remember not to sign up for HCD 310 in the summer!  You will be taking it in the fall.

When do FYE classes meet?  What is the FYE class schedule?
All FYE English classes meet Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am, and HCD 310: College Success meets at 9:00am on Tuesday and Thursday.

Can I be in FYE if I have taken classes at FLC while in high school (advanced education)?
Students who have earned college credit while in high school, through advanced education or AP classes are still eligible for FYE at FLC so long as all other eligibility requirements are met.   

Please feel free to contact the Student Success Programs Office with any questions that you may have. 

Via telephone or email:
(916) 608-6722