Service Animal Guidelines

It is important for all members of the campus community to feel secure in our facilities and on our grounds. The following guidelines welcome service animals that assist persons with disabilities consistent with ADA regulations in all public areas of the District/College buildings. (Service animals in training and research animals are included in these guidelines.) The District/College will not permit animals (including therapy animals and pets) in public areas. 

The College will allow service animals on campus subject to the following guidelines (LRCCD Regulations 2426):

  1. A service animal is any dog or a miniature horse that is trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.
  2. The College’s Vice President of Student Services, Vice President of Instruction or Vice President of Administration or designee must determine whether the Service Animal meets the definitions of a Service Animal.
  3. Owners must provide documentation of their service animal's current shot/vaccination records at the time of registration. Visitors should check in with the Vice President's offices.
  4. Owners must provide documentation of appropriate licenses. (i.e., means the dog must be licensed with the appropriate city or county agency and does not refer to service animal licensing.)
  5. The service animal must be in good health, and free of fleas and external parasites.
  6. The service animal must be on a leash at all times.
  7. Owners are responsible for all clean-up of animal feces.
  8. Service animals that disrupt the learning environment and the ability of others to learn may be excluded from campus.
  9. Service animals that are ill, unclean, noisy, or bedraggled will not be allowed on campus.
  10. Service animals that show unprovoked aggressive tendencies or are deemed potentially dangerous will not be allowed on campus.
  11. Service animals are not permitted to be in the following areas: mechanical rooms/custodial closets, any room where protective gear is worn, or any room that poses a potential danger to the animal.
  12. Owners will be financially responsible for any damage or cleaning costs resulting from the animal being brought on to campus. Animals that cause damage may be excluded from the campus.

If individuals choose to bring a service animal to campus grounds for outdoor activities, courtesy and respect must be extended by and to colleagues, students and visitors in the area. Owners will be required to keep service animals on a leash and should always consider safety, health and the possible fears others may have in the presence of animals.