Allied Health

Allied Health (AH)

AH 110 Medical Language for Health-Care Providers

  • Units:3
  • Hours:54 hours LEC
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Catalog Date:June 1, 2019

This course provides an orientation to medical language including basic structure of medical term prefixes, suffixes, and roots, and combining forms with emphasis on analysis, spelling, and pronunciation. The course builds a medical vocabulary applicable to the specialties of medicine, the systems of the body, names of major diseases, and terms used in physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The purchase of a standard medical dictionary is also required.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • analyze the structural design of medical terms and understand the meaning of combinations of word elements.
  • spell and pronounce medical terms.
  • utilize medical terms correctly as they apply to the systems of the body - anatomy, physiology, disease, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • interpret medical abbreviations and descriptive terms.
  • translate healthcare reports and records into plain English words.