Computer Information Science

Folsom Lake College Computer Information Science

The Folsom Lake College educational curriculum in computing consists of courses, certificates, and degrees in a variety of areas related to computing. Individual courses are organized into several groups related to computer application user skills (CISA), general “core” topics (CISC), computer networking (CISN), computer programming (CISP), computer security (CISS), and the web (CISW). Students interested in pursuing a certificate or degree may choose from a variety of educational programs. These educational programs are organized into two groups:

Computer Science and Programming

What is Computer Science?

New technology creates the future. Computer scientists use a body of skills and knowledge to create these new computer hardware and software technologies. Computer scientists are technically educated professionals and can be found working in many fields as programmers and designers, as experts in the use of technology in other fields, and as managers in a variety of organizations.

Computer science as a field of study encompasses the following subareas: algorithms and data structures, programming languages, hardware and software architecture, software engineering, databases, artificial intelligence and robotics, computer animation and graphics, computer games, networks, security, and bioinformatics.

Academic Programs

Help create the technological future of computing. The Folsom Lake College academic programs in computer science and programming provide comprehensive exposure to computer science in preparation for upper-division computer science courses, and preparation for entry-level employment in government, business, and computer-related industries.

Career Options

Computer Engineer
Computer Technologist
Firmware Engineer
Software Architect
Software Engineer
Software Verification & Testing
Systems Analyst
Systems Designer
Technical Manager

Many of these options require a bachelor’s degree, although some entry-level opportunities exist for individuals with an associate degree or certificate.


  • A great foundation for entry to university
  • A broad-based technical education
  • State-of-the-art computer facilities
  • Study in a field that has great employment opportunities and encompasses many careers.

Database Technology and Information Technology

What is Information Technology?

The modern world runs on information technology (IT). IT professionals use software tools to design, create, and maintain the information systems used to run organizations.

Academic Programs

This Folsom Lake College program includes study in database technology and information technology systems. It is designed for the student interested in entry-level information technology oriented employment in government, business, and industry. The database technology option offers certificates in a “ladder” approach, with introductory certificates providing progress towards more advanced certificates.

Career Options

Computer Programmer – SQL
Data Entry Specialist
Database Analyst – SQL
Internet Programmer
Programmer Relational Database
Systems Analyst
Web Programmer


  • Technical training in designing and administering IT systems
  • Hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art computer lab
  • Study in a field that has great employment opportunities and encompasses many careers.