New Folsom Lake College Website

March 25, 2019

FLC website on different screen sizes Responsive design adapts to your devices!

Our new Folsom Lake College website is officially live! The FLC site, along with the Los Rios Colleges Foundation site and the Los Rios Police Department site, are pilots for a new coordinated approach for Los Rios Community College District websites. New websites for American River College and the district will launch later this spring.

New Features

In addition to the visual overhaul providing greater communication to new and returning students, the website includes a wide array of new features such as:

  • A fully responsive design to fit every screen.
  • A more robust, fully integrated search feature.
  • Page translations into dozens of languages.
  • Easy-to-navigate college catalog information.
  • A new class search feature with significantly more user filters.
  • A central, searchable faculty and staff directory.
  • An exciting new “notifications” feature highlighting new content since your last visit to the site.
  • Filters on calendar with ability to download events to your smart device calendar and sync.
  • And much, much more!

As with the launch of any new website, we are certain we’ll find areas which may need tweaking over the next several weeks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even they didn’t have more than 1,000 separate pages on their website like we do! When any functionality issues arise, we’ll address them ASAP and we encourage you to share anything you find right away, so we can review and make appropriate updates.

We’ve created an online form for any issues you may have.

Go to webform

We would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the FLC Public Information Services Office (PISO) team, along with the web teams at the district and ARC, for the extraordinary amount of hard work that it took to get here. Rebuilding sites of the size and breadth of ours can be a monumental task, and we're very proud of our team (particularly for volunteering to launch first as one of the pilot sites). And while the work is far from over, today’s launch marks a significant improvement in the experience for students, and prospective students, at our college.

The launch of the site is an exciting milestone, but the work to update and improve a modern website is never complete. We are already at work on a number of improvements to make the experience for our users even better, and we will be regularly reviewing our site analytics to inform those enhancements. We look forward to sharing updates with you all in the coming months and years.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement, and your patience, throughout this process. Enjoy!